Buy three 60-minute massage sessions for only $70.00 each (excludes hot stone & sports massages).



​​Seated massage provides a convenient method of alleviating stress. A 10 to 20 minute “stress-buster” massage relieves muscular tension in neck, back and shoulder muscles. It can also revitalize energy and encourage a stronger immune system. Seated massage can be performed virtually anyplace. You are seated upright on a special chair and will remain fully clothed. No oils are used, so there is no need to be concerned about stains on clothing.

  $1.00 per minute plus $35.00 out-call fee


The focus is on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is used to release chronic patterns of tension, loosen scar tissue, and help restore flexibility to affected areas.

60 minutes $85.00
90 minutes $105.00


A soothing treatment of relaxation. Swedish massage utilizes strokes designed to have specific therapeutic benefits for the body. Swedish massage increases the circulation rate of blood and lymph without stressing the heart. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, skin, and circulation, and promotes health and well being.

60 minutes $80.00
90 minutes $100.00

A therapeutic massage that uses heated lava stones, traditional massage techniques, and Aromatherapy oils. The stones are smooth and warm and glide comfortable over the body. Stones are laid out on the table to lie on, placed on specific areas of the body, held in your hands, and even tucked between your toes. This particular form of massage is both nurturing and intense due to the warmth and weight of the stones and the ability to offer contrasting temperatures within the session. This is a sure way to feel serene and rejuvenated after a treatment.

90 minutes $115.00


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After receiving doctor’s approval, women with normal, low risk pregnancies can benefit from massage. Massage during pregnancy can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep and calm an active baby. It can also relieve headaches, relieve leg cramps and reduce swelling. During the entire term of the pregnancy, massage can stimulate blood flow, which may assist in the prevention of anemia.

60 minutes $80.00

Massage Therapy


A massage that focuses on specific muscles used in your sport or fitness activity. Specific strokes are utilized to help athletes obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning by increasing power, endurance and mobility. It can accelerate the healing process, increase range of motion, reduce adhesions and reduce swelling, bruising and pain. Sports massage is also used to relieve muscular spasms and fatigue-related injuries.

60 minutes $90.00